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Waterland Real Estate is a professional Dutch real estate company that focuses on investing in and developing residential properties. Our relationship network in this sector consists of national as well as international institutional and private investors as well as owners and users of real estate, and our overriding goal is to provide them with significant added value. Via its development portfolio, Waterland Real Estate creates affordable, sustainable, and future-proof living environments. An efficient and highly effective internal organisational structure in combination with a sophisticated information system ensures that we are always aware of all the factors that could potentially affect the value of our portfolio. Proactive management of our portfolio and our relationship network enables us to respond quickly and flexibly to the needs of institutional and private investors as well as end users.

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Project Development

Project Development

The entire project cycle from initial concept to planning and preparation and from execution to final use. Waterland Real Estate is specialised in all phases of area development. This can include a relatively modest inner-city project as well as a complex development plan in more outlying areas. We are always searching for an optimum solution and the best possible fit with the surrounding environment. Our activities range from initial zoning plan preparations up to and including final delivery, and of course we do this in close consultation with all participants and stakeholders. We develop and realise residential properties for young and old alike and for a wide range of budgets. These include ground-floor houses, apartments, maisonettes, and lofts. We also develop suitable housing environments for persons who need care or cannot live on their own. The strength of our organisation allows us to bear some of the risk in project participations. We participate in large-scale, complex renovation projects for residential properties at a high level of quality. We do so in close collaboration with a fixed network of specialised building companies and architects. We take a close look at existing portfolios and carry out the necessary renovations, after which the properties are offered for rent and/or sale via our extensive network of local estate agents. Waterland Real Estate collaborates with other co-investors and co-developers within the framework of various partnerships.

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